I studied at the Elementary Teachers Training College of Budapest between 1987-1990 and my major was drawing. I continued my studies at the Eszterházy Károly High School Teachers Training College of Eger between 1990-1995 where my major was fine arts and graphics and I graduated in 1995. In these years I made pictures mostly with application technique on wood-table and colour graphics.

After the graduation I studied art history in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In Israel I started to paint with oil on canvas and deal with graphics seriously. In Israel I found my own style and I started  to participate in exhibitions and shows.

Israel is intimate, emotional nearness for me, where I make myself at home when I travel around the world, constantly in transit. The golden-yellow colour of the desert and the intense sunlight made a deep impression on me, my picture’s dark tones lighted up. Israel opened a colour-pallette that was hidden before, a colour-composition which is close to my individuality.

White and orange-golden-yellow became determinative on my paintings. These two colours are like live energies, they dispose with own existency and a symbolic meaning: they experess vitality, power, cheerfulness and the love for life.

These colours assign the clearance of the pictures. The figures, real an fictitious: humans and animals, devils, angels and various inconceivable creatures, constitute a complex system of symbols together with the colours. White is the light itself, that unites all of the colours. In the virtually homogenous white background, pale colour spots glimmer, while the energic touches of the abundantly applied paint, produce a various and exciting plastic effect. Indian yellow has an erotic, sensual content, it symbolizes sentiments. Playfulness, mystery, cumulative purport, grotesque humour and self/irony reside in the figures. Products of the rescue phantasy are, however, the critical formulation of  reality, and the phenomena of life.

Jewish mystic, religious culture is presented in my characters and on the level of used symbols as well, however, it doesn’t mean that they sholuld be interpreted only on this level.

I write tales and stories wherein as in my pictures everyday reality is composed together with my own experiences, impregnated into the subtle of phantasy. The stories are verbal complements and equivalents of the pictures and vice versa the pictures are visual concentrations of the stories. Details from the stories can be read on my exhibitions to complement my works, and the whole stories can be read in the exhibition catalogue. (Sun Grove les Poupées, Duna Gallery 2000; Overwriting, Budapest Gallery 2003; Floor Exercises, Budapest, 2006)

The quintessential matters of the paintings are show up in the graphics (tint-drawings), in a direct and unmerciful way with the line’s exuberance, and with more vigorous irony and grotesque humour. Mobile, creative fantasy allows for the lively, spontaneous and fluent playfulness in the drawings and it also expresses the unconscious.

Drawing is a continuous, spontaneous act for me. I make illustrations in watercolour and drawings in ink. My illustrations are regularly published in weekly newspapers, magazines, literary works  and on book- and music CD covers. In 2004 I had the opportunity to prepare my first watercolour illustrations for a story-book with the sponsorship of the Soros Foundation’s International Step by Step Association. (Ronny)

I have been collecing antiquities, period pieces, curiosities, articles from personal everyday use, souveniers, and various little things for decades. The multitude and variety of these pieces surround me in my home. I array them on the walls side by side like an outstreched spatial diary. An article was published in 2006 in ’Lakáskultúra’ Magazin /Home Culture Magazin/ about my home.

The aura of the objects, their spirit, moods and feelings inspire my artistic work, I use and build them into mail-arts and artist-books. The things get into a new context through reuse, changing their meaning and getting a new interpretation and topical reading.

The installation is very important in my artistic work. I design and build my home and studio in an individual style with mosaics, antique furnitures and carpets, and with a mass of objects, picures etc., on the walls.

Under the title ’Depot’ I made an exhibition in 2003 in the Jewish Museum of Budapest, sponsored by the European Association of Jewish Culture.



(Emil Für)